Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Free Vistaprint Tote!

Just ordered my free Vistaprint tote! I'm going to use it for my recycling. Usually, Vistaprint items are free, but you have to pay shipping. The shipping is not outrageous, but I am trying out freeshipping.com for one month free (usually it's $12 a month). They will refund my shipping charges on Vistaprint items (and on other purchases from participating vendors). Therefore, my purchase was free. I love Vistaprint! I've ordered postcards that I use as incentives for my students. I write them little notes and put them on their desks or mail them to their homes. I've also ordered business cards, which have my school address, phone number, and my email address. If I print any more, I would like to put my class website on there. Anyway, check out Vistaprint, if you're in the market for postcards, notepads, tote bags, etc. that you would like your name on!

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