Wednesday, August 11, 2010

5 Free Resources for Teachers

 My goal is to post "5 Free" on Sundays. I missed it this past Sunday, so it looks like you'll be getting two "5 Free" posts this week, which is good because I've found a lot of good stuff lately! I hope you enjoy these resources! I did!

1. Teacher Created Resources offers monthly free downloads
2. Science Buddies Newsletter--monthly newsletter filled with lots of ideas and experiments for your science class
3. Scholastic Class Set-Up Tool-- set up your classroom virtually. See what your room will look like before physically moving the desks!
4. Scholastic Book Wizard--This is a very cool site. My favorite part is the "BookALike" feature. You can type in the title of a book and find books that are similar to that book. This can help you recommend books for your students based on their current interests. I think Donnalyn Miller (The Book Whisperer) would dig this!
5. Florida Center for Reading Research--this is probably my favorite place to find excellent printables and graphic organizers. Click on your grade level. Then scroll all the way down. You can click on links from "Book One" and "Book Two" and print from there. Of all of these links, I would definitely check this one out!

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