Sunday, August 15, 2010

5 Free Teacher Resources

1. The Knack--Michael's offers lots of ideas and printables on their website.
2. Whole Brain Teaching--WONDERFUL resource for content teaching and classroom management. I started implementing some of the techniques in my room at the end of the year, and I was amazed at how well they worked! Take some time to browse through their site.
3. Beth Newingham's blog--this woman is one of my new teacher heros! She is amazing! She has tons of printables for reader's workshop and reader's notebook. It doesn't matter what grade of reading you teach, you need to check this out!
4. Ms. Meacham's Classroom Snapshot (Vistaprint ideas)--it is amazing to see how she has utilized Vistaprint and their free (plus shipping) materials.
5. PBS STEM Math Resources--lots of websites compiled for math teachers!

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