Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Updated! Free shipping at Graveyard Mall

Okay, when I first saw this, I thought it was a joke. GraveyardMall? Who wants to shop there? Anyway, I took a chance and clicked on it. It's kind of like an online junk store, so if you like looking through junk this is the site for you! To get free shipping on purchases of $24.99 or more use the code THANKYOUSHIP48. This code is only good through today (8/9/10). Plus, you can get 4% back when you shop through Cashbaq. I found a few (more) things you might be interested in...

Several versions of SmartLab for only $5.99 (originally $19.99)

The Night Sky Revealed. A book about the universe and stars. $5.99 (originally $12.99)

           Smart Alec Series Math Computation $2.49 (originally $7.99)\

Blogger is not letting me upload pictures right now for some reason but here are two other deals I found.

MainStay (walmart brand) Hole puncher for $1.99 (originally $4.99)
Battery powered pencil sharpener $3.99 (originally $9.99)
X-acto Easy Touch battery operated touch stapler $3.99 (originally $17.99)

Tips on using Graveyard Mall: Basically, this is a company that sells overstock and clearance items from other stores. It is similar to Big Lots, but online. I've done some research on this company and there are definitely mixed reviews. Some say the products are great, and some disagree, especially when it comes to sunglasses. I've heard their appliances and venthoods are a very good deal though and come in very good condition. The consensus is that their shipping is very slow, but I've heard they give refunds pretty readily, if you are unhappy with your product or you do not receive what you thought you would. So, use the website with caution.

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